Port Coquitlam, B.C.


Evangelization has a rich heritage in the Catholic Church, a heritage that extends back 2,000 years to the very foundation of the Church.

Evangelization is a word which may not associate with the Catholic Church. It can be defined as a gentle caring approach to sharing our Catholic faith through kind works, education, forgiveness, personal witness and postive action. Effective evangelization is more like a steady drip than big splash. This is most effectively done through everyday evangelization.

Everyday Evangelizing in All Situations

Respond with "thank God" when someone shares good news. Wear a cross or other symbol of your faith. Share a story how God works in your life. Ask people to pray for your intentions. Start a discussion with "I believe" or "Jesus says." Introduce those searching to Christ. Invite to Church those not part of a faith community. Make the sign of the cross when dining out. Treat everyone you meet with dignity. Do not judge others. Share a smile and personal greeting. Share with neighbors about your parish. Leave religious materials in unexpected places. Share a smile or personal greeting with a stranger.

Everday Evangelizing Through Social Justice

Help those less fortunate by sharing time, talent, or money. Identify your own prejudices. Network with those who support your values. Watch the news with the eyes of Christ. Learn the facts on all sides of an issue. Publicly express your opinion. Act on your conviction. Learn and address the values of our government. Vote intelligently. Work in a soup kitchen, shelter, or at some other charitable agency.

Everday Evangelizing in the Workplace

Transact all business dealings honestly. Offer to pray for a co-worker who has shared personal concerns. Interact with co-workers who share your Christian beliefs. Respect others' religious beliefs. Pray before making decisions. Verbalize Christ in your life.

Everyday Evangelizing in the Home

Devote a specific amount of time to your daily prayer life. Share a Bible story with your children before bedtime. Discuss the readings with your family after Mass. Pray grace before meals. Proudly display symbols of your faith. Celebrate your feast days. Establish family rituals based on the Church year. Discuss the morality of a TV show. Begin and end the day with prayer.

Everyday Evangelizing in the Parish

Introduce yourself to those around you. Get involved, if only on a small scale. Periodically change pews to meet others. Be gracious in the parking lot. Explain rituals to those unfamiliar with the Catholic faith. Send a card to the newly baptized or confirmed. Support parish leaders. Invite a friend for coffee after Mass to discuss the readings. Take time to get to know other memers of your parish community. Warmly greet others at Mass whom you do not know.